United Currency Borderless Prepaid Visa Travel Card with Wholesale interbank exchange rate.
No foreign currency conversion fee. 
No international transaction fee.

Check our "Live" Currency Conversion Rates to see how much you save. We charge ZERO bank fees.

Why United Currency Borderless Card

wholesale Interbank Currency Exchange / FX Rates

United Currency Borderless Card allows you to enjoy United Currency Exchange Wholesale Interbank Currency Exchange Rates! Get the best currency exchange rates ever for up to 150 currencies when you travel Overseas or when you make an online purchase in foreign currency from Australia.

Worldwide Access

United Currency Borderless Card is a VISA Prepaid and Travel Card. This means that you can use UCE Borderless Card anywhere in the world that accepts VISA. You can use our Borderless Card when you are travelling Overseas, when you shop online, and at your local grocery stores in Australia.

NO INternational transaction FEE & NO foreign currency conversion fees

Borderless Card saves you money when you shop overseas.
When you are travelling internationally, Borderless Card does not charge your you any international transaction fee or foreign currency conversion fees. unlike many other banks or financial institutions.

No interest or late fees

Unlike a credit card, with UCE Borderless Card, you can spend your hard earned money in your own way, locally and internationally, without worrying about any interest fees or any late fees.

you are always in control

Borderless Card is a prepaid debit card. You are in control of your spendings. Simply top up your Borderless Card via the UCE Borderless Mobile App and making a fund transfer via your bank account anytime any where.


Your funds are held securely in ANZ Bank Trust Account. Your UCE Borderless Card account is separated from your Personal Bank Account.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can use UCE Borderless Card online and overseas without worrying that your personal bank account can be compromised.

You can also disable your UCE Borderless Card via UCE Borderless Card mobile app if you are suspicious that your borderless card might have been compromised.

Borderless Travel Prepaid Card gives you great exchange rates when traveling overseas or shopping online.

Enjoy 0% Margin FX Exchange Rates & NO Foreign Currency Conversion Fees.

See how much you save in AUD for USD $1000.

You can check our “Live” Rates to see how competitive our Wholesale Interbank Currency Exchange Rates ** can save you money.

(Please select My Card is in AUD and 0 in Bank Fee)

** Wholesale interbank currency exchange rate is the rates that banks use when they're trading large amounts of foreign currencies between each other. Wholesale interbank currency exchange rate is generally reserved for banks and financial institutions when trading currencies in huge quantities.

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United Currency Borderless Card
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Borderless Card Use Cases & Advantages

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Apply for United Currency Borderless Card. Your card will be sent to you within 10 to 14 working days.

2. Top Up

Download and install the United Currency Borderless App. Activate your Borderless Card, top up your card using the Borderless Card App and bank transfer.

3. Go Borderless

Your Borderless Card is now ready to use for travelling overseas or to make online purchase from anywhere that VISA is accepted.

Our Rates & Fees

  • 0% Margin on Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
  • 0% Foreign Currency Conversion Fee
  • 0% Interest rates
  • $0 International Transaction Fee
  • $0 Reload / Top up Fee
  • $0 Late Fees
  • $15.99 Card Handling Fee
  • $2.99 Monthly Fee
  • 15c Per Transaction Fee
  • $2.50 Per Overseas ATM Withdrawal
    Fee ***

*** Privately Owned ATMs or Independently Owned ATMs may charge you higher rate depending on their contract-by-contract basis. This means fees can vary between ATM machines, even if they have the same branding. The fees for balance checks and withdrawals start from $ 2.50 and could be as high as $4 or more.

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  • Must be 18 years and above.
  • You are a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Holds a valid Australian Driving License or Passport.

It only takes 5 minutes for approval.


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